How shall I add a headphone jack?

Now you have your new amp, now what do you do? Bug amplifiers won’t take much of your time to learn how to use them, these can be plugged in directly to your guitar and have a 3.5mm port so you can plug your guitar headphones and that’s it!

Mini amps are not as easy to use, still it’s fairly easy, all you have to do is plug your guitar cable to the 6.3mm port and then plug your headphones. You may find that the other port is a 6.3mm port as well, in that case you will need a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter and you’re good to go.

While many of these options are within a reasonable price, there is no doubt that many times, higher price means higher quality, however, that does not mean there aren’t great headphones out there that will leave you more than satisfied when you check your quality/price.

You should remember what kind of use will you be giving your new headphones, Because if you are planning to record in a home studio, a more expensive pair of headphones would be a better investment or if you need it for professional producing and mastering, you may want to be extremely careful and get yourself some refined headphones to get the best audio quality; if you are just planning on practicing or jamming, then there is no need to spend more than $100, but of course, in the end, it’s your choice that matters.

Once you’ve chosen a good pair of headphones to do the “quiet” job for you, it is as easy as plugging your headphones from an eighth to quarter-inch adapter so you can plug it into your guitar and you are good to go. Just remember that you make your own sound, and a pair of headphones is just the beginning, so get comfortable, allow some silence in the room, and get lost in the sound of your guitar in your ears.

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