How Can I Choose Guitar Strings With Proper Tension?

Here are some useful tips about tension while you are choosing your guitar strings:

· You don’t have to put all Bass strings of the same tension on your guitar. The “normal” string sets have been designed for the “average” sensitive guitar with a solid wood top and 650mm string stop length. In fact, every guitar has its own acoustic parameters and abilities. You may find, for instance, that the best sounding string 4-D on your guitar is high tension, while other Bass best at normal tension.

· Your choice depends on the string length as well. If your guitar has a vibrating string length 625mm, the tension of the strings will be approximately 0.5 kg lower than indicated in the table above. A 600 mm string stop lowers the tension to 0, 5 kg more, and so on.

· Avoid using all extra high strings on your solid wood top, custom made delicate 650mm classical guitar. Take a look at the total tension of these strings and save the sound board.

· High tension strings are not better than normal tension, and extra high ones are not better than high. Higher tension strings are able to produce more sound just in case you pluck them with more energy. If you are not a performer for a big audience or in big halls, you probably will not use them.

· On the other hand, high and extra high bass strings would be very useful for your acoustic or folk guitar with its heavy design, thick or plywood soundboard, etc. Free online guitar string calculators will help to make your right choice and there is a great selection of acoustic guitar strings here.

What is the different between silver and gold Bass strings?

“Silver” strings are wounded with silver-plated copper wire,”gold” strings – with a brass/bronze wire. Copper strings have warmer tone; brass strings are a little louder and clear. If you have a sensitive classic guitar with solid wood soundboard, it probably better to use copper set. If your instrument has a less sensitive or a plywood soundboard, or smaller size, try the brass set. It’s also a matter of taste. Keep in mind that a bronze is harder than copper, and this set will stay much longer. On the other hand, if strings are as hard as fret bars, the frets will be rubbed out in a while.

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